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    Carbonation Chiller Filtered 20 Gph

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    Carbonation Chiller Filtered 20 Gph

    Elkay model number: DSFBF180K

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    Elkay is excited to bring you the next big thing in hospitality and commercial water dispensing systems with its all new Blupura line. The Carbonation Chiller is the under-the-counter water refrigeration system that is the perfect solution for your bar, restaurant, hotel or other food service/ hospitality setting. The system frees up significant counter space and gives you the choice of chilled sparkling, still or ambient water. The Carbonation Chiller pairs perfectly with any of our tap systems. Its time you get serious about the water you drink; get the Carbonation Chiller and know you are serving nothing but the best.
    Model Number: DSFBF180K

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